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Sharrod Mariner was born in 1990 in Washington DC and musical talents gave himself the stage name of “Skip DMV”, successfully transitioned from the independent Rap stardom and became a fashion icon in the process with original music and videos and an inspiring call to arms for seeking young entrepreneurs and creatives to fulfil their potential. He is an extraordinary musician entrepreneur. Sharrod Mariner, aka Skip DMV has interests beyond music. He is able to build a successful brand name Imagez where his brand provides trending fashion clothes with all the types of Accessories.


Role as a music artist[]

Skip DMV started music by looking at his older brother marquise record in the studio when he was thirteen. It grabbed his attention and Sharrod “Skip DMV”, a seafarer, started doing talent shows and fashioned a bunch referred to as DaFam which consists of all his brothers. Going by his stage name, “Skip DMV,” he has collaborated with alternative rap artists. Skip has been heard on tracks like “Champions,” “I Ain’t Play in,” “What It Do,” and “Weekend” with KT Firehouse, Yungworld Juan, and other proficient hip-hop artists.

Role as a Entrepreneur[]

Sharrod crated a clothing brand, “Imagez”  a urbanwear line with everything anyone may need within the streetwear market, to comprehend his ambition to make an attire empire. Skip DMV’s company prides itself on having everything from basic t-shirts to varsity jackets, sweatshirts, hoodies, bike shorts, crop tops, joggers, caps, and even shoes. Your Imagez is currently simply a street wear brand. Through its one-of-a-kind clothing items, the garment business additionally supports charities. A number of the company’s t-shirts are supposed to boost community awareness concerning breast cancer.

Sharrod runs a corporation that keeps people current and trendy while additionally permitting them to send a crucial message supporting their causes.

Celebrities still acknowledge Imagez attire line, demonstrating the brand’s popularity. Young Scrap, Lakeyah, Christina Mallan, Young Crazy, and Yungworld Juan are simply many of the celebrities who have detected the brand. Currently, Skip DMV’s music and apparel have reached new heights, his business generates plenty of buzz within the media.

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